Ordered a Zenit AB deck

zenit ab

Had another moment of weakness (primarily due to a friend going back 鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 to Montreal for a family event and then coming back to London) and ordered a deck I have been admiring for some time, the stunning AB made by Candian company .

Zenit AB4

A few weeks to wait before he gets back, but it should be worth the wait. Time to consider the grip-tape pattern, although I like my initial idea of reflecting the carbon-fibre bottom on the top.

Some black 50° 180cm trucks lined up with big 80cm Orangatang Kegal wheels.

zennit ab2

Interesting Gear: Zenit Boards

zenit ab

I am always on the lookout for interesting and stunning boards, given my preference for the simpler minimum graphics natural wood look (hey I have got older!). Spotted Canadian , of Montreal, and their lovely natural decks, including a stunning cherry and carbon-fibre cruiser, the AB.

Zenit AB 2

Zenit boards

UPDATE: I liked the AB so much I bought one… 🙂 deck on order.