Interesting Gear: Raven-1

Raven 1

Spotted a new interesting European e-board maker, , based in Lithuania with their Raven-1 board. Sold in the usual 1 and 2 belt-motor configurations, using lightweight airline-approved batteries. Currently being promoted for advance orders on Indiegogo.

There are lots of new e-boards now out (counted over 20 this year – most of them direct from China) and, unless you鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 are very competent¬†mechanically and electrically, I would hold off on any new maker until they have proven themselves. There are just way too many case-studies of new e-board launches with long delays, recalls, poor support and, quite frankly, board disasters. I will stick with our long-termers for now, but watch interestingly how Arex and others get on.

Raven 2