Bearing Grease

breaing greeese

Found this interesting and very helpful on bearing grease from the excellent guys at Longboard Technology (OuterPlanet).


Youtube Link: 

Summary of their recommendations:

  • Schaeffer 274 Moly Extreme Pressure – most waterproof, Nano MOLY Anti-Friction, very cheap.
  • SuperLube High Temp Extreme Pressure – waterproof, PTFE Anti-friction, a little expensive.
  • Archoil AR8300 Severe Duty Nanoceramic – very high water resistance, nano ceramic anti-friction, VERY expensive.
  • Bones Speed Cream – gold standard conventional bearing lubricant. Low water resistance, no anti-friction additives, extremely good ease of use, widely available, cheap.

Lots of other interesting videos of there, especially on truck design.