Interesting Gear: Crown Boards

crown 3

Belgium based , with their cool trademark pattern dancers. Interestingly, they make a new set of patterns each week as limited runs.

“Every Friday at 18:00 CEST there will be a new batch of limited handmade boards available on the webshop. The print will change each week to give you鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 a super exclusive board.”

crown 2

As used by the awesome dancing hero (great tutorial videos if you鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 want to start or get better at dancing).




Grip taped the Zenit

Finally got some real black grip-tape to use on the Zenit and, importantly, mirror the carbon-fibre underside. I say “real black” because most of the grip-tape I have found to date has actually been various shades of grey; which is annoying when it is universally sold as “black”.


Finally fond real black sold by the ever-excellent and helpful Skate Deluxe (). It is heavy grip which a little too rough for my liking, but as ever is if form over function. Also being heavy grip it is more difficult to cut and trim, but the end result is not bad and confirms the single mirrored top and bottom design works well.

I will stay on the lookout for ‘real black’ lighter or medium grip-tape, but for now, it works.

Hecs Decks Fish Arrives

My Fish, well that’s my name for it until Hector comes up with a real name.

Hecs fish1

Beautifully made with a bubinga topping and bottoming, with two walnut layers (yes, I am watching great British Bake Off right now). Lovely balance of stiff over flex.

Walnut in the beautiful layering

I put on some spare 180 Paris V2s and my Hawg Mini Monsters. The 180s are a little too wide and will get some 165s for it long term. Will also Lucid spray-grip it.

Very pleased; thanks, Hector.