Got the family stable together before wrapping-up for winter

boards - topside

Finally got the family stable together: six Europans and a Canadian.

From left to right:

  • Hackbrett Balance
  • Hecs Decks Fish (Gullwing+Metro Express)
  • Kaliber Wild Africa Affe (Paris V2 trucks+Orangatang Kegel wheels)
  • Curfboard
  • Zenit AB
  • Jungle Pintail (Paris Adam Colton trucks +Blood Orange Liam Morgan wheels)
  • Hecs Decks King Louis (Paris V2 trucks +Metro Motion wheels)

boards - underside

The beautiful walnut Balance will get wrapped up for winter (summer, no grip board), along with the Afee (gets a break and donates the Kegels), King Louis and Jungle Pintail (another cafe posing only). The Hecs Fish stays out (as always, it is the easiest to transport), the beautiful cherry and carbon-fiber Zenit AB is getting re-gripped, and gets the Kegels for a change, and the Curfboard needs more practice and experimentation.

To grip cover or not to grip…

2017-06-21 18.12.11
One of the main calls I have made with the Hackbrett deck is to leave it ungripped (not covered with grip tape), showing the beautiful grained wood.
I guess it is not really recommended for any longboard, especially if you鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 are going to ride hard; however, this is an urban cruising vanity project and not downhill racing or trick shot dancing. Longboard Griptape Roll
I do have the tape, my starting idea was to cover it…. but when it came to it, I could not hide away that lovely natural wood under black grip-tape.
I just better make sure my footwear is like glue and I have health insurance! Oh’ what we do for looks.
UPDATE: Have ordered some clear grip-tape and make a call if I use it or not – clear is never really “clear”, but it would allow the wood to come through, just not the polished look.

Wheels and trucks arrived – another lesson learned

2017-06-21 12.27.20
My little vanity project is nearing completion with the Paris 180 trucks and Hawgs Mini Monster wheels arriving, from SkateDeluxe, for the gorgeous balance deck.
paris trucks
… and another lesson learned- remember to order the bolts to attach the truck to
the board! Arrghhh. My fault, for forgetting; great service as ever from SkateDeluxe to feel sorry for me and just send some. Thanks guys – great service.
Went with the translucent red Hawgs Mini Monsters purely for the looks, which is not really a sound reason, but they will be fine for my easy cruising on this board. This is a show board, for pavement skipping into Richmond and hanging out at the local cafes by the river – let’s be honest here
2017-06-21 18.10.45
Interestingly, I could not find a supplier in the U.K for the Mini Monsters, hence, got them from Germany, but the on-line service, cost and shipping were no different to other good UK suppliers.
Happily use again. My experience so far is that the Dutch and Germans markets, compared to the UK, seem to have a slightly broader range of parts and boards available to them. Lots of great stuff available from UK retailers, just less of the rarer and small-time made stuff, especially German and Austrian made decks.
2017-06-21 18.12.22