Got the family stable together before wrapping-up for winter

boards - topside

Finally got the family stable together: six Europans and a Canadian.

From left to right:

  • Hackbrett Balance
  • Hecs Decks Fish (Gullwing+Metro Express)
  • Kaliber Wild Africa Affe (Paris V2 trucks+Orangatang Kegel wheels)
  • Curfboard
  • Zenit AB
  • Jungle Pintail (Paris Adam Colton trucks +Blood Orange Liam Morgan wheels)
  • Hecs Decks King Louis (Paris V2 trucks +Metro Motion wheels)

boards - underside

The beautiful walnut Balance will get wrapped up for winter (summer, no grip board), along with the Afee (gets a break and donates the Kegels), King Louis and Jungle Pintail (another cafe posing only). The Hecs Fish stays out (as always, it is the easiest to transport), the beautiful cherry and carbon-fiber Zenit AB is getting re-gripped, and gets the Kegels for a change, and the Curfboard needs more practice and experimentation.

Jungle Boards on Crowdfunder

Jungle Boards
Jungle Boards

are now Crowdfunding their lovely decks.

I really like the wood design and style of their boards. Good luck to the small time maker with inspiration. I just need to decide between the cut-out or the pintail.

UPDATE: Went for the classic Pintail and looking forward to that lovely herringbone deck.. Good luck Sam, great to see you鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 do this.

Jungle Boards